Company Name

No Spoilers sp. z o. o.

Founding Date

24 August 2016



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[email protected]


Stanisława Sulimy 1/226, 82-300 Elbląg


No Spoilers Sp. z o.o. was founded by Luke Firmowski and Michal Kowalkowski. The company mission is to create inventory control solutions for the hospitality sector.


No Spoilers is an innovative inventory control solution for hospitality businesses. Using newest technologies (Bluetooth Low Energy, cloud, real-time data) we created a multi-platform application, which makes managing a bar, cafe or restaurant easier, less time consuming, automated, and much cheaper. The main goal of No Spoilers is providing tools for fast and precise inventory control. All you need is a phone to connect to our Bluetooth scale. Inventory control data will be automatically uploaded to the cloud so it can be analyzed on any computer (laptop, netbook, PC) or mobile device (phone, tablet) by the manager or the owner. From our application, the manager can easily schedule tasks for employees and control the company's workflow. No Spoilers have additional features that we are working on that are making managing a hospitality business a breeze.


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Running a catering establishment requires efficient organization of work. Running three locations means triple as much trouble - spreadsheets, checklists, invoices. You can get lost. Since I managed the stores and orders by No Spoilers everything has become simpler. I do not have to control orders. I do not have to stand in the closets for hours at a time. No Spoilers gave me a gift - I have more time.

Krzysztof Sympatique, Co-owner of Serio, Śródmieście and HAOS in Gdynia

Finally, I found a tool that made the flow of information between employees and management a reality. I forgot to mention notes with incompatible invoices or missing items. The management life of my premises became much easier when it transferred some of the basic duties to staff, without losing control.

Robert, Owner of Atelier Club in Sopot

The business that I run requires me to be flexible and accurate in managing my beverage inventory. Any unsuccessful purchases follow me for a long time. Thanks to No Spoilers I always know how much goods I have and what I might need.

Mateusz Zyskowski, Owner of Premium Bars


Michal Kowalkowski

Michal Kowalkowski is a programmer with 12 years experience. He spent last six years in Shanghai where he started his first startup companies (Backwi.re, Hyperyun).

Luke Firmowski

Luke Firmowski is a hospitality businesses insider with ten years of experience. He worked in Poland and UK. During his career, he was a bartender, manager and restaurant owner.

Mateusz Kalinowski

Mateusz Kalinowski worked as a technical consultant for telecom companies for six years. He is a database and data analytics expert.


Contact Email

[email protected]


Stanisława Sulimy 1/226, 82-300 Elbląg